Get information most creditors use to verify you as an individual and your business by asking for a copy of your LexisNexis report.

LexisNexis provides business research and risk management services to various industries. These include lenders, insurance companies, vendors and more. These companies use LexisNexis to verify personal and business credit history, public records, and application history. And they use LexisNexis to access risk on applicants. Inaccurate information, data which doesn’t match your application, or negative items in your LexisNexis report can have a drastic negative impact on your business. This is especially true during the application process.

We recommend all business owners request a copy of their LexisNexis report. Verify all data as an individual and on the business. We’ve made it simple with the link and instructions to request your LexisNexis report below.

Proactively address inaccuracies and decrease the probability of surprises during the application process.

Take control of your company’s fundability by requesting a copy of your LexisNexis report today.