Amsterdam Printing

Amsterdam Printing

Qualifying Factor

Not Recommended

Reports To:
Does not report (only report delinquent accounts to D&B and Experian)

Terms: Net 10

No Personal Guarantee Required

Phone: 800-833-6231


Reports to: Does not report (only report delinquent accounts to D&B and Experian)


Amsterdam has an extended history of providing quality printed business products to satisfied customers. Originating in 1898 Abraham Singer began his one-man print shop in the rear of his New York City apartment. By 1925, Amsterdam Printing & Litho was producing bridge score pads, personalized with an advertiser’s name on each page. Today Amsterdam is a leader in bringing innovative promotional products to market to help businesses creatively promote their company and retain their customers. Anything from personalized pens, pocket calendars, desk calendars, and all types of promotional products have become the essentials of the Amsterdam product range.

Special Instruction:

-When applying for a Net 10 account. The first order is a “Prepay”.On the second order, it is a Net 10.
-Has an initial credit limit of $200.

To Qualify:

– Entity in good standing with the Secretary of State
– EIN number with IRS
– Business address- matching everywhere.
– D&B number
– Business license- if applicable
– Business bank account

To Apply: Online or over the phone

Terms: Net 10