1.1 Learn to Think like a Lender

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Business Entity
Is your business entity created? If so please answer the questions below. Creating a business entity is a critical step in creating your businesses sure foundation. Filling your business entity helps to separate your business and personal assets and improves credibility.
We have helpful resources below that can help you file a business entity if you haven’t already. If you have questions on what type entity if best for your business you can refer to the link below or consult with the advisor team. Typically we recommend you file an LLC, S or C corporation. Each will have different legal and tax benefits for your business.
Don’t forget, if your business address is in a state different than the state you filed your business entity you need to foreign file. You will foreign file in the state that your business address is located. Why? This creates the verification path lenders need to verify the existence of your business entity.
Your business entity…the beginning of your business foundation

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