Follow up calls

Around our initial calls our Advisory Team calls each client weekly or every other week depending on the client and their current step.

Typically at this stage the client is waiting for their first round of trade accounts to report.  The client is advised that they can call or email any time they have questions.  In addition to this the client receives regular emails from the advisor team.

Every client progresses at a different rate depending on their goals, type of business and how new the business is.

A typical follow up call goals:

  • Review last call and any new progress made
  • Answer any questions that have come up since last call
  • Outline the goal of the call (today we will complete step 2 together)
  • Go through Step
  • Outline any tasks that need to be completed and provide resources
  • Ask for any other questions before closing call
  • Review what will be completed on next call
  • Email overview of call
Troubleshooting: If your client states they didn’t receive their call make sure you entered the correct phone number by going to the customer dashboard and verifying the number.  If the number is correct you can review the advisor notes to see any other helpful details.