Business Finance suite Commiment Letter VIP

  • Credit Suite Inc.
    20547 Amberfield Drive
    Land O’ Lakes, FL 34638
    (877) 600-2487

    This letter confirms my commitment to enroll for the Business Finance Suite business credit building program with Credit Suite, within 48 hours of receiving my loan proceeds. I confirm I am currently applying for business financing with the company listed at the top of this letter, and once my funds are received that I’m going to enroll in the Business Finance Suite program to establish and build my business credit. I’m aware that by choosing to enroll with one-payment, I am getting a discount and avoiding finance charges.
    I understand the importance of business credit, and obtaining it with no personal guarantee. And I know that the quality and quantity of business credit I have will be a major determining factor on whether I get future funding, and the rates and terms that I’ll pay on that funding. I further understand that establishing and maintaining positive business credit gives me the best chance of obtaining favorable financing terms.
    I know that upon enrolling with the Business Finance Suite I can expect…

    • To get access to my own unique finance suite login where I can login 24 hours per day 7 days per week Get full access to the 7-step Business Credit Builder program that walks me through the steps of building my business credit
    • To get access to starter vendors, store, and fleet credit that can be built for me EIN and that’s not linked to my SSN
    • The ability to work with business advisors who will help me through the business credit building process
    • Get access to the Finance my Business Blueprint Qualifier to get access to additional loans or credit lines where approval is based on my personal credit, cash flow, or collateral
    • The ability to work with finance officers who will help me with all aspects of obtaining business funding
    • Assistance with getting setup with Equifax and Experian Commercial as well as Dun & Bradstreet
    • Get access to my Experian Smart Business data, 411 listing, and help with setting up my free D-U-N-S number at no additional cost

    By signing below, I confirm my commitment to enroll with the Credit Suite VIP Program for an investment of $3,495 within 48 hours of receiving my loan proceeds, to get my own Business Finance Suite and become licensed to offer it to others.