Business Credit Reporting Agreement

This agreement is between (Customer) and Credit Suite Inc. (Company).  Customer is enrolling with Company for business credit services and has chosen to pay through recurring installments.

Customer has elected to have Company report their installment payments to Experian for business credit reporting. Company agrees to report paid installments to Experian, which will report the items on the Customer’s business credit report as a trade line.

Customer understands that per this agreement, all installments will be reported to Experian monthly. Customer understands that per Company’s agreement with Experian, Customer’s payments will be reported to Experian whether they are paid timely or not.

Payments paid timely will be reported as a trade line with Experian and can help establish and grow a positive credit profile and score for Customer.  Payments paid late from Customer to Credit Suite Inc. will have an adverse impact on the Customer’s credit score with Experian.  The severity of the impact will depend on how late the payment is made.

By electronically signing this agreement, Customer acknowledges they understand the implications of both positive and negative payment performance in relation to business credit reporting.